E Type Retaining Ring

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E Type Retaining Ring

A sort of holding ring used to hold components on a shaft or in a bore is an E-type retaining ring, commonly referred to as an E-clip or E-ring. Its name refers to how it resembles the letter "E" in shape.

  • Normally C Type Circlips are radially assembled over shaft
  • Available as per IS3075 part-3 standard and DIN6799 standard

Steeltech's e-type retaining rings are manufactured from high-grade carbon steel and are designed for use in a variety of applications. The rings include a single coil construction for increased flexibility and strength, as well as a low profile for a more compact fit. The rings also have a self-locking mechanism that guarantees a tight fit and keeps the ring from slipping off your finger in the event of stress or vibration. The rings can be made to meet certain applications and come in a range of sizes. E-type retention rings from Steeltech are a dependable option for fastening, holding, and placing components. Steeltech's e-type retaining rings are a reliable solution for fastening, retaining, and positioning components.

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