Conical washer

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Conical washer

High-quality Conical Washers, sometimes referred to as Contact Washers, are produced by Steeltech and are utilised in a range of industrial applications. Conical washers are made to maintain tension between the bolt and the nut or substrate and to offer a high load capacity. Conical washers made by Steeltech are renowned for their dependability, toughness, and substantial load capacities

  • Available as per NFE25-511 standard

Conical Washers from Steeltech are constructed from premium materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, and other alloys that offer outstanding resistance to corrosion, fatigue, and wear. Each washer is guaranteed to be uniform in size, shape, and function because they are produced with close tolerances. The ability to keep tension between the bolt and the nut or substrate is one of Steeltech's Conical Washers' significant benefits. The washer's conical shape offers a greater surface area for dispersing the load, which lowers the possibility that the bolt will come free due to vibration or thermal expansion. The Conical Washers are perfect for use in applications where heavy loads or shock loads are anticipated because they are made to endure high levels of stress and strain. They are also resistant to fatigue, thus their performance will be sustained over time. Conical washers from Steeltech are frequently employed in machinery, tools, and buildings when keeping tension is essential for the system's dependability and safety. Conical Washers provide a dependable and long-lasting way to keep tension between bolts and nuts or substrates. They are the perfect option for manufacturers and engineers who want the highest performance from their components due to their premium materials, accurate construction, and distinctive design.

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