Serrated Lock Washers

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Serrated Lock washer

Hardware called serrated lock washers is used to stop bolts, nuts, and screws from coming loose as a result of vibration or other motions. They are also known as serrated washers or toothed lock washers, because they have teeth or serrations around the inner diameter that bite into the surface of the material and stop the nut or bolt from turning, they are also known as serrated washers or toothed lock washers.

  • Available as per IS5556A , IS5556B standard and DIN 6798A ,DIN 6798J standard

Lock washers with serrations function by generating friction between the washer and the material, which prevents the nut or bolt from rotating. This aids in maintaining the joint's tightness and stops it from becoming looser over time. They are frequently utilised in applications involving vibrating machinery, vehicles, or tools, such as engines, transmissions, and heavy-duty tools. Serrated lock washers should not be the only tool used to secure a joint, it is vital to remember this. To guarantee a solid and stable connection, they should be used in conjunction with other locking mechanisms, such as lock nuts.

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