Multi tooth Lock washer

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Multi tooth Lock washer

A form of mechanical fastener called a multi-tooth lock washer is used to stop bolts and nuts from coming undone due to vibrations or other dynamic forces. It’s teeth provide a tension that resembles that of a spring to withstand rotational forces and keep the fastener from coming undone.

  • Available as per IS 5371A , IS 5371B standard and DIN6797A and DIN6797J standard

High-quality Multi Tooth Lock Washers made by Steeltech are used to give bolts and nuts a solid grip. Multi-tooth lock washers are made to stop fasteners from coming undone as a result of shock, vibration, or dynamic stress. Our Multi Tooth Lock Washers are renowned for their exceptional performance in demanding conditions. They are also very dependable and long-lasting. Steeltech's Multi Tooth Lock Washers are incredibly effective thanks to a number of features. In order to prevent loosening, they have several teeth that bite into the fastener and the mating surface. In comparison to traditional washers, this multi-tooth design offers a much stronger grip, making it the perfect choice for situations where high levels of vibration or shock are anticipated. Superior quality materials such as carbon and stainless steel are used to create our Multi Tooth Lock Washers. Hence it offers outstanding resistance to corrosion, rust, and wear. They are therefore perfect for usage in abrasive settings like industrial or maritime settings.

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